The most beautiful day in your life will be even more beautiful with the right flowers. Go for infinity roses from Triple K for the wedding decor.

Real preserved roses that do not wither

Wide variety of colors – from classic to modern

Noble boxes in different designs

Wedding table decoration: flowers for eternity

Wedding is a significant, wonderful day in the life of two lovers, associated with a variety of positive emotions. But until that time comes, there is still a lot to prepare – from the guest list to the decorations.

Especially popular for wedding floral table decorations are our noble rose boxes, high quality workmanship and hand-stitched, with preserved infinity roses. The advantage is obvious: with these bouquets you do not run the risk that the flowers will hang their heads during the day. In addition, our rose boxes are also suitable as hostess gifts and precious mementos that will delight you long after the beautiful hours.

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The right floral decoration for Mr and Mrs

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Unforgettable wedding photos

Do you already know how you want your souvenir photos to look like after the wedding ceremony? Flower walls made of silk roses are not only a dreamy decoration for weddings, but as a style element they also add a magical ambience to any photo. Whether you’re in a gorgeous white wedding dress standing in front of a cascade of pink blossoms, or posing in a classy suit in front of a waterfall of white roses – say goodbye to boring backgrounds with the floral wall.

Moreover, you can place rose walls at the champagne reception, use them as a unique decoration for the snapshots with the photo box or to hide corners that you like less. Numerous uses are open to you with a wall of flowers for the wedding!

5 small rules for a successful flower decoration for the wedding

The day is yours and you set it up for you. So you don’t have to chase trends or think about what your guests would find most beautiful. You want to place small blue flowers everywhere? Or would you prefer a dazzling display of color? Go for it! Your florist will find and arrange the perfect wedding flowers for you.

Whatever color scheme you choose, it should still exude a wedding aura in its entirety.

A pure white wedding decoration can look fantastically light and stunning – as long as you skillfully set it off with the right contrasts. Cream tones are also included. This is true for any color.

To find them, it is advisable to put the various decorative elements together once on a trial basis, for example, on a table. This way you can see if the tablecloth really matches the vases and flowers.

A beautiful sea of flowers on the table looks beautiful. Make sure it doesn’t get too bulky and the rest of the decor doesn’t overshadow it. Cleverly combine small and large elements with each other.

Giving flowers for wedding: smart ideas

Herzförmige Rosenbox mit weißen Infinityrosen wird in den Händen gehalten

Flowers are a real classic gift idea – even for weddings! Thanks to their changeability, no two bouquets are alike and they can be wonderfully combined with other little things. In our online store at you will find many gift ideas. Surprise the bride and groom with a beautiful heart-shaped rose box from our Heart Collection, for example.

Combinations of flowers and money are very popular as wedding gifts. For example, roll up bills and hide them in the bouquet among the greenery. So that they do not get lost, tie the rolls to the stems. You can also fold the bills decoratively and, for example, make flowers out of banknotes.

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How to make the most beautiful day unforgettable

The wedding celebration must be perfect, after all, it is a significant and precious step in our lives that we want to remember forever. Planning in advance forms a decisive factor in whether everything will meet your expectations on the special day. Therefore, we advise you to start in time, especially if you are getting married in the wedding season between May and August. Because during this time, florists, catering services and event locations are quickly booked up. Please avoid stress anyway!

Glückliches Brautpaar, die nach der Trauung mit Reis beworfen werden

Checklist for floral wedding decoration

  • Bridal bouquet & second bouquet for throwing
  • Flower pins for groom and groomsmen (possibly also for guests)
  • Bouquets for bridesmaids
  • Wreaths and flowers for flower children
  • Flowers ring pillow
  • Hair accessories from flowers
  • Flower decoration for the car
  • Indoor floral decoration (tables, chairs, hall, entrance and so on).
  • Floral decoration for the champagne reception and the outdoor area

Beautiful decoration ideas for the perfect wedding flowers

  • Wedding arch: it is a fabulously beautiful decorative element for the free wedding ceremony and couple shooting. Drape roses, ivy and light veils on it. When it gets dark, fairy lights give it an otherworldly glow.
  • Flower decorations on the chairs and benches: not only as table decorations for the wedding, flowers cut a good figure. Tied to the side of the backrests, they refresh the entire ambience of the room.
  • Flower confetti: Instead of rice or paper, have your guests throw flowers. This is romantic and, by the way, environmentally friendly.
  • Flower swing: It will be a very special photo shoot with a flowery decorated swing in the middle of nature! Whether wedding decorated with callas or roses, this romantic idea is a real eye-catcher.

Roses: the classic wedding flowers

Rosenbox rund und schwarz mit neun weißen Infinityrosen, Anischt von oben

Whether for the bridal bouquet or the table decoration, what would be a more suitable wedding flower than the rose? Since ancient times, it has stood for love, probably the most beautiful and strongest feeling that unites us humans. Depending on the color, their exact symbolism changes, but the basic tenor remains the same: attachment and affection. While the classic, the red rose, primarily emphasizes passion in love, white roses communicate fidelity, honesty and innocence. For this reason, they are particularly popular for wedding ceremonies, because the word of yes is traditionally accompanied by a vow of fidelity and honesty. You don’t have to limit yourself to one color – white and pink also make a popular combination. With roses for the wedding you are always right. Read more about the meaning of rose colors now.