Infinity Roses by Triple K.

Real roses that can be kept for up to 3 years

Many beautiful color variations

Greeting card with your love message included

Valentine's Day floral gifts

Gorgeuos Rosenbox rund mit roten Infinityrosen wird von einer Frau in ihren Händen gehalten

On February 14 of each year, it’s time – we celebrate the most beautiful, noble and uplifting feeling on earth: love! It doesn’t always have to be romantic love for our partner, it can also be unconditional affection for our parents or our children, a special friendship or our dearest siblings.

You can get roses for Valentine’s Day from us in a durable and diverse selection, for example, in the form of a box of roses. Our durable infinity roses are aesthetically pleasing, tasteful and express your love for the gift recipient or recipient like nothing else.

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Say it with Infinity roses from Triple K

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Valentine’s Day roses in red represent love. The darker and richer the color of the petals, the deeper your feelings will reach. Give a bouquet of red roses for Valentine’s Day, your message to the recipient could hardly be clearer. You can’t go wrong with this color as a Valentine’s Day gift.

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Show it off with a necklace

There are many significant moments in life. Some, like holidays, birthdays or engagements, are special by the occasion alone. Others are immortalized only by the magic of the moment. Choosing the right piece of jewelry can be an excellent way to round off a beautiful moment or create one in the first place.

Because who gives a necklace as a gift, creates that very special moment that sticks in the memory.

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Rose heart as a sign of love

Herzförmige Rosenbox mit roten Infinityrosen wird in den Händen gehalten

Our rose boxes are available not only in round or square – we can also pack a beautiful bouquet of roses in the shape of a heart upon request! All of our rose hearts are lovingly handcrafted, from the careful selection and preservation of each flower to the design of the sturdy box.

Valentine’s Day roses framed in a heart shape come in your choice of a white or black heart box. Besides the classic red rose, we also offer the bouquet in white, pink and black. Which color do you choose?

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Send flowers for Valentine's Day

Everyone is happy about a loving attention, no matter how big it may be – and it brightens the day. Have you ever wanted your loved one to feel like they’re in a romantic Disney movie? With our rose in a glass you will succeed effortlessly! A beautiful, carefully selected single rose proudly and elegantly presents itself under a dome of glass – timeless and full of romance!

Don’t have a way to deliver Valentine’s Day roses in person? No problem! We will gladly send your favorite Valentine’s Day flowers to your desired address.

Roses for Valentine's Day - noble and durable

The rose has always been a sign of love and the queen of flowers! It is not without reason that roses have become accepted as a gift for Valentine’s Day – and are lovingly received all over the world. Especially the red rose stands out as particularly romantic. A pink bouquet, on the other hand, expresses romance and is therefore best suited for couples who are newly in love and perhaps still at the beginning of their relationship.

Did you know that the romantic significance of Valentine’s Day goes back several hundred years? In the second half of the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a poem that associated Valentine’s Day with love. King Charles VI of France described romantic festivities with dancing and love songs around 1400. At the end of the 18th century, Valentine’s Day cards and similar love greetings finally came into fashion. Valentine’s Day roses followed on their heels and are still the mascot for pure romance today.