The meaning of the colors of roses

Infinity roses stand above all for the everlasting love. Therefore, it is not surprising that our red roses are the most popular. However, if you are looking for alternatives to the classic, you can learn about our rose colors and their meaning here:

Rote Infinityrose

Red roses

A deep, rich red, from bright to burgundy, is the classic color of the rose. A red infinity rose expresses strong love and connection. You’re always right with this warm, life-affirming color, as it radiates your love more than anything else.

Infinity Rose peach pink

Pink roses

The playful color pink also stands for romance. It is a little more delicate and light-footed than red. This makes it suitable for young couples and newlyweds, the best friend or the dearest sibling.

Pinke Infinityrose

Pink Roses (Purple Pink)

The bright color carries the playfulness and romanticism of pink, but with its striking luminosity is at the same time very modern and intense. Infinity roses in purple pink represent tempestuous, young love – and are equally suitable for newlyweds and longtime partners whose affection is as untamed as on the first day.

Orangen-pinke Infinityrose

Peach Pink Roses (Peach Pink)

Peach colored roses signal warmth, security and sympathy. The creamy, pastel tone is both restrained and frugal. So, a bouquet with Peach Pink roses sends consistently positive signals in a relationship: you feel comfortable with your partner, have great trust and appreciate him or her very much.

Weiße Infinityrose

White roses

White roses are popular for wedding ceremonies for a reason – they represent purity, honesty and fidelity. With white rose petals, you make a delicate promise to always be sincere and open with your or your loved one.

Blaue Infinityrose

Blue roses

The sky and the ocean wear this color with pride. Accordingly, it radiates a fresh attitude to life and hope. At the same time, blue flowers are extremely rare in nature, so a blue rose represents uniqueness and courage to face life. Ultramarine roses make a special gift for virtually anyone you care about.

Grüne Infinityrose

Green roses

Hope, vitality, vigor – like no other color, green radiates liveliness and confidence. When nature awakens in spring, everything around us turns green, and few things seem more alive than a beautiful summer forest. Thus, with a bouquet of green roses you express a life-affirming joie de vivre.

Schwarze Infinityrose

Black roses

Hardly any color is more elegant and universal than black. Black Infinity Roses speak auspiciously of mysteries, whisper of secrets, and at the same time hint at your attachment and passion for the recipient. The color of night is even rarer in flowers than blue.