Interesting facts about Infinity Rose?

What is infinity rose?

Infinity? Long-standing roses?

Exactly, real roses were preserved by a special process and thus made durable.

Roses that last for several years.

Grüne Infinityrose

how to preserve the roses

conservation methods

We create rosy gift and decoration ideas, which are made of long-lasting roses, infinity roses. This requires a complex process that takes up to six months. We work with a company that has perfected this process for ten years. Of course, we can’t reveal exactly how it works, but we’re happy to give you a little insight.

The roses are offspring of a particular genus, bred specifically for the preservation process. When the heads are fully grown and shine in their full glory, they are carefully harvested and prepared.

After that, it’s time to get down to business: In the flowers, the liquid is replaced with glycerin. After this effort, they rest for a while in a relaxing bath until they are ready to dry and slip into their final garment. They are colored in their favorite shade at the end. The roses have now become Infinity roses, which are protected from natural decomposition.

Rote Infinityrosenbox rund von oben, darunter Unique Selling Points: bis zu 3 Jahre haltbar, aus Equador, fairtrade

Social responsibility


Our roses come from Ecuador. They are grown under environmentally friendly conditions on the flower farm Hoja Verde and are therefore genuine Fairtrade roses. When you buy our Infinity roses, you can be sure that everyone involved, right down to our rose growers, has received fair payment! Both production and trade are sustainable and socially responsible.