Every now and then one lacks the right words – but the rose is never silent. If you ever don’t know what to say or how to express your feelings, just let our beautiful rose gifts do the talking for you! The queen among flowers is very eloquent. And we’ll also tell you what she’s been up to.

Gift ideas for any occasion

Give roses: number and meaning vary

If you want to give Infinity roses from Triple K as a gift, you’re probably wondering what many have asked before you: How much is too much? What color should it be? A single rose or a whole bouquet?

  • A single rose is especially suitable for fresh relationships or when you first want to confess your affection to your beloved. It expresses your love without taking your counterpart by surprise. Moreover, it symbolizes uniqueness when presented appropriately like our rose in a glass.
  • A whole bunch of roses is the perfect choice for virtually any situation. The number of flowers depends on the length of the relationship and the depth of your bond. At the same time, a lush rose box does not necessarily have to express romantic love – a gift of roses also indicates gratitude and family affection.
  • The color choice of the flowers also plays a crucial role, as a message can be hidden in the meaning of the rose colors.

Gift ideas by color

Give roses - the right way


  • Give an odd number of roses: this is the classic and goes back to a tradition in France, according to which quality florists always offered bouquets of an odd number of flowers. Today, however, this is no longer a must.
  • Pay attention to the color scheme: If no color should dominate, then choose a mix. However, the color tones should at least match each other.
  • Present roses with the left hand: Because the gift of roses comes from the heart and that is located in the left side of our body.


  • Avoid unlucky number 13: This might be a little superstitious, but who wants to conjure up bad luck for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day?
  • Present roses without paper: Unlike the wrapped gift, this is not proper with flowers.
  • Do not give dried roses: dried flowers have a symbolism of mourning. Something else, of course, if you picked daisies and violets in the garden and pressed in your favorite book itself.