the triple-K gift box with video

Wrapping paper or a colorful cardboard box are often the first choice. but who wants to create special moments already when unpacking the reaches for our gift box with video!

    Here’s how our video gift box works:

    1. You record your video message. You may want to say a few loving words, or maybe you want to present shots of the actual gift that would be too big for the box – show your creativity. The only condition: The video format must be Mp4. You can also alternatively play a slideshow ofphotos if you can’t shoot and edit video.
    2. Transfer photos or video to the gift box via the included USB cable. To do this, connect it to your PC or laptop and copy the files to the indicated disk.
    3. Enclose the gift and close the video gift box. Fill the box just the way you like.
    4. If your loved one opens the box, the video will play by itself. So you don’t have to do anything else but wait – and experience the joyful surprise on the faces!
    5. ATTENTION MOTION SENSORas soon as you put your hand in front of the sensor, the screen turns off.
    Geöffnete Geschenkbox mit Video

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    how to fill the gift box

    Geöffnete Geschenkbox mit Video, in der ein Schmuckstück liegt
    Geöffnete Geschenkbox mit Video, in den eine Infinityrose und ein Geschenkgutschein steht