Are you looking for an exclusive wedding gift or maybe you want to surprise your wife with a special gift? Then Triple K is the right place for you. With us you can buy flower box in many design variants. You can get Flower Boxes with preserved roses in different sizes and with different colors of flowers. Look forward to a selection of red and pink shades here, or opt for your flower box in white or black.

Why should you order a Flower Box instead of a bouquet of flowers?

With a flower box from our offer, you will give your loved ones an exceptional set, which they will enjoy for a long time. Unlike cut flowers, our Flower Boxes do not wilt after a few days. All flowers are gently preserved using a modern process. Through this process, they retain their uniquely beautiful appearance for a long time. When you buy a flower box from us, you can be sure that you will receive only exquisite and selected flowers. We use only the best rose petals for our Infinity Roses. Thanks to conservation, they retain their wonderful appearance for up to three years without the need for watering or fertilizing.

Find Flower Boxes in your desired colors

You can order the Flower Boxes from us in the color of your choice. In doing so, we cover a wide color spectrum with our offers. Besides black and blue, we also present the Flowerbox in pink and baby blue. Give joy with yellow rose petals or surprise with an arrangement in white. Matching your Flowerbox you get various greeting cards from us. Not only the flower color of our perpetual roses can be customized to your wishes, but also the box in which we deliver your bouquet. For example, in addition to the Flowerbox, you can also buy from us the arrangements of the Special Collection. Furthermore, we have an exclusive idea ready for you with the Glass Dome. When you buy your flower box from us, we will deliver it to the desired address free of charge. This way you can please a loved one even when you are not around yourself.

Made by hand

Our Flower Boxes are handmade by our employees. All flowers are carefully selected and bundled. We add on the preserving a natural liquid to the roses, which prevents them from wilting. Infinity roses are created through an environmentally friendly process that does not harm the flowers. Upon request, we can incorporate additional color pigments during preservation. After all, these color pigments cover a wide range of colors, so we can respond to many wishes individually. In order for the flowers to retain their wonderful appearance for a long time, it is advisable to place them at room temperature in a shady place.