Care instructions

Infinity roses are real roses, which are preserved by a special process. Accordingly, they are as delicate as fresh flowers. In principle, infinity roses behave very easy to care for, but you should be careful with them. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

The right care

Please do not water!

Your infinity roses do not require water. Wetness and humid environments can even harm them. Therefore, make sure that your rose box is dry.

Please touch only a little!

The natural oil and moisture of our skin can add to the preserved roses. If possible, avoid touching your Infinity roses with bare hands too often.

Gentle cleaning

To remove dust from the rose petals, use a soft brush. A duster could damage the flower heads. Do not use a cleaning agent under any circumstances!

You can wipe the dome of our rose in glass with a soft, damp cotton cloth. Be sure to dry them completely so that the infinity rose underneath is not disturbed by moisture.

The right storage

No sunlight

Direct sunlight and heat can cause the color of the roses to fade. Therefore, it is best to place your rose box in a shady spot with room temperature.

Pigments can stain

It may happen that the color pigments of the Infinity roses bleed. Therefore, your rose box is best placed so that the flowers are not in contact with delicate fabrics. Pay attention to curtains, tablecloths and clothing.