Create everlasting moments with Infinity roses from Triple K.

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Wide range of colors from pastel to bold

Ideal as a table decoration for your celebration

The matching christening decoration: delicate and floral

Eltern mit Baby auf dem Arm bei der Taufe

In keeping with the new, young life and the great significance of the day, the floral decoration for the christening should be festive as well as delicate. Whether you’re celebrating comfortably with family or with a huge circle of acquaintances, floral decorations will add a welcoming and devotional flair to the occasion. 

A year-round classic is roses. They often decorate the church in addition to the room of the celebration. With us you get beautiful infinity roses, for example, as rose boxes or rose in a glass. White stands for innocence and thus fits perfectly with the flower decoration for the baptism. You can easily combine the neutral tone with any other color.

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Blue flower decoration - baptism of a boy

Of course, blue has long since ceased to be a purely boy’s color. Also, many girls of all ages love the color of the sky and the sea like no other. Would you like to keep the christening decorations in blue for your little boy, then take a look at our blue roses. However, be careful not to create a color desert.

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Arrange blue and white flowers, such as blue roses and white lilies, with soft greenery. Olive branches, baby’s breath or pistachio greens are great for this. White tablecloths and silver accessories match. Popular are napkins with fish motif or a baby footprint.

Pink flower decoration - baptism of a girl

Just like blue, pink has lost its stigma in the meantime – so you can use a pink christening decoration just as effectively for your little one and reap shining eyes. Pink carnations and white roses form a light-footed interplay. Complement it with incense and silver leaf. Alternatively, use hydrangeas.

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Cream and beige are wonderful supporters of soft pink tones. Therefore, choose candles, table runners and other christening decorations in these colors. Not only flower table decoration for baptism is important, window sills and gift table also want to be decorated.

Baptism gifts: playful for the little ones

Rosenteddy aus pinken Infinityrosen

Typical baptismal gifts reflect Christian symbols and new life: imprints of the little hands and feet of the baptized, baptismal cross and ring. If you are a godmother or godfather and you give a baby a gift, think of its parents as well. With us you will find many floral gift ideas as a little extra.

Special joy evokes children our rose teddy. The soft silk roses are cuddly and with proper care will last almost forever. Give away the cute rose bear as a lucky charm and guardian angel, he will accompany your godchild for many years.

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Checklist for baptism flower arrangements

  • Flower wreath for the baptismal font
  • Flower decoration for the altar
  • Flowers table decoration
  • Floral decoration for buffet, gift table and champagne reception
  • floral decoration for window sills, walls and chairs

Stylistically, you’re not limited to pinks and blues – there are so many more wonderful colors that kids will love. Reds, yellows and oranges are warm, bright tones that are perfect for a fall baptism. Purple, deep navy blue and gold look classy.

With a bold, colorful floral decoration for the baptism, you will emphasize the love of life and the joy of the coming years that lie dormant in every child.

Flower symbolism in Christianity

It may seem unassuming to some, but the delicate daisy carries all the essential qualities of Mary that we so cherish. Purity and modesty come first. The white-yellow, uncomplicated little flower is available from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn.

She is also a symbol of Mary. In southern Germany, the Holy Mother is even called the Lily of the Valleys The pretty flower represents chastity and eternal life. They come in many different colors.

Leonardo da Vinci used the carnation in his famous painting Mary with the Child. The popular flower with the pleasant fragrance symbolizes love, similar to the rose, and is thus considered a symbol of Mary.

Both flowers carry humility. The tricolor pansy also embodies the Trinity.

Of course, the rose must not be missing. It is also considered a Marian flower and in Christianity stands for innocence and purity – perfect as a flower decoration for baptism!