About us

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Runde Rosenboxen in XXS, XS und Small mit dunkelroten Infinityrosen

Who we are

Since our founding, we are still a pure family business that does as much as possible itself – the whole family pitches in. Triple K was founded by Haris Karabulut with his father and older brother. This is where our name comes from: Triple for the three relatives and K for the family name.

We are located in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, where we work energetically on your rose boxes every day! With love and passion we make all our products by hand. You will look for ready-made products in vain – each piece is a real unicum, made of high-quality materials and a lot of dedication.

Our motto: Only the best for you!

What we do

We create rosy gift and decoration ideas, which are made of long-lasting roses, infinity roses. This requires a complex process that takes up to six months. We work with a company that has perfected this process for ten years. Of course, we can’t reveal exactly how it works, but we’re happy to give you a little insight.

The roses are offspring of a particular genus, bred specifically for the preservation process. When the heads are fully grown and shine in their full glory, they are carefully harvested and prepared.

After that, it’s time to get down to business: In the flowers, the liquid is replaced with glycerin. After this effort, they rest for a while in a relaxing bath until they are ready to dry and slip into their final garment. They are colored in their favorite shade at the end. The roses have now become Infinity roses, which are protected from natural decomposition.

What distinguishes us

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Preserved roses last for several years. While many millions of untreated flowers have to travel quickly to their destination country after harvesting, therefore taking the plane and then wilting after a few days, our Infinity roses take the long and thereby much more environmentally friendly sea route. You will enjoy our Infinity roses for a long time – and save the environment.

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Social responsibility

Our roses come from Ecuador. They are grown under environmentally friendly conditions on the flower farm Hoja Verde and are therefore genuine Fairtrade roses. When you buy our Infinity roses, you can be sure that everyone involved, right down to our rose growers, has received fair payment! Both production and trade are sustainable and socially responsible.

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Attention to detail

Because we place so much value on the little things, we naturally pay attention to precise manufacturing by hand and every tiny detail in all our rose products. With the necessary care, lovingly designed bouquets are created. With every order we include a free greeting card on which we record your message to the recipient.

What drives us

Schwarze Rosenbox mit roten Infinityrosen steht auf einer Kommode, im Hintergrund ist ein Blumestrauß und ein Dekotablett zu sehen

Your satisfaction is the core and motivation of our work! For you, we give our best every day. If you have any questions, requests or problems, we will be at your side as quickly as possible – just get in touch with us. You would like to convince yourself of the good experiences of our customers? At eKomi you can find lots of customer reviews.

You would like to have individual special requests implemented? Especially for this purpose, we have set up a WhatsApp service where you can specify, for example, your desired color of the rose bouquet. Simply use the template for this, paint it in the desired colors and then send it to us (+49172 514 68 86). By the way, you can use WhatsApp not only on your smartphone or tablet, but also on your laptop and PC, in case the color design of the template is easier for you there.

We look forward to pampering you and your loved ones with handmade, loving rose gifts!